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Recent fact checks

On 20 June we fact checked the Conservative, Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat leaders as they were quizzed in a two-hour BBC Question Time election special.

Our round-up looks at 13 different claims, including on child poverty in Scotland, migration levels and Labour’s NHS record.

Question Time

Tax has been one of the defining topics of the election campaign, with lots of claims about the so-called ‘tax burden’ and how it might change under the Conservatives or Labour.

Our new explainer looks at what’s happened to the tax burden in recent years, what’s forecast, and why it being high doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is paying more tax.

Tax facts

The Green Party has corrected a claim in its manifesto about the number of people on NHS waiting lists, after Full Fact intervened.

The manifesto originally said “nearly eight million of us” are on hospital waiting lists, but there are actually around 6.3 million people on waiting lists in England.

Manifesto correction