See you at the pub?

10 November 2014 | Full Fact Team

With the election less than 180 days away, we are preparing to operate an 18 hour a day Election Centre. From there we’ll react rapidly to claims during the campaign and provide free information that can be drawn on by researchers, voters, candidates and journalists.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please come to the Perseverance pub in London (nearest station Russell Square) at 6.30pm on Wednesday 19th November, when we’re holding our second ever volunteers’ event.

We can’t do it alone…

This is the most ambitious project Full Fact has ever undertaken. There’s too much ground to cover by ourselves, so we’re asking for volunteers to:

  • Research specific topics and restructure our current content for a wider audience
  • Record claims from politicians and parties as you hear or see them
  • Build a database where we can store and easily access all this information
  • Build automatic monitoring tools to catch inaccurate claims before they escalate

Here’s the full list of topics we’re planning to cover. The more we can prepare now, the more we’ll be able to help during the election itself.

At the 19th November meet up, we’ll be talking about how researchers can help us prepare to tackle these topics and we’d like to discuss our plans with anyone who’s interested in any way. Come along on the 19th or email Mevan to find out more.

Full Fact fights bad information

Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy. You deserve better.