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19 April 2015 | Full Fact Team

Today, viewers of the Andrew Marr show were treated to a glimpse behind the scenes at Full Fact's election centre. Bringing you the facts behind the spin is a demanding job, from monitoring the media around the clock for new claims, to researching, sharing our findings with our audience, and dealing with the practicalities of this major undertaking.

The people you saw are the human faces behind what we do. The only way we're able to run our 18-hour-a-day election factchecking operation is through the contribution of our volunteers.

Balcony-wholeroomThis is where we run the operation - The anatomy museum in King's College

Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be here. People have given over 1,000 hours of their time during the election, both in our election centre in King's College London and from home.

We have people from the likes of the Office for National Statistics and Ipsos MORI thanks to our relationships with those organisations—and other expert analysts, statisticians, lawyers, and researchers who join our analysis team.

Many of our volunteers work on our monitoring operation, tracking over 2,400 election claims so far. And others join the communications team, getting the word out in the media and online.

One of the many whiteboards we use to keep track of the Media Monitoring operation.

We also regularly call on experts from around the country, at specialist organisations who are collaborating with us, and elsewhere.

Outside the election, we have a permanent team of around ten staff, including five specialised writer/researchers covering the economy, immigration and crime, health, education, and the law. We also host secondees from the Government Statistical Service (whose independence is protected by the UK Statistics Authority).

All this is funded by your generosity in time and money, so please donate to support us in keeping facts sacred.

If you would like to volunteer visit our Election page.

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