Full Fact's election centre is homeless

18 March 2015 | Full Fact Team

Staring March 30th we plan to run an 18 hour a day factchecking center. We will work tirelessly to make sure that no claim goes unchallenged during the election.

The brilliant charity 3Space was hosting our election centre completely for free. They have a clever system; they take commercial properties and put them to use for charities and the arts, while the landlord is waiting to sell, lease, or redevelop them. The downside is that at some point they do get sold. Yesterday, that’s what happened to what would have been our election centre on Oxford Street.

This was unexpected but of course we have the backup plan of staying in our own office during the election. It’s too small to fit in all the people and kit we need, though.

So we need your help. We need a minimum of 1,200 sq ft of space in central London, as near as possible to the studios at Broadcasting House (Oxford Circus) or Millbank (Westminster), and we need it by the 30th March until the 8th of May - 18 hours a day. We’ll return it as nice as we found it - if not nicer!

Have no fear, the election will be factchecked. We’ve factchecked from the back of a taxi (live on the PM programme); we’ve factchecked in bed, opening spreadsheets on our phones at midnight; we factcheck with growing confidence and growing strength on the airwaves. This election will be factchecked. One little thing like this won’t stop us. But we need your help right now.

If you can help us find a new home for the election centre, or could help financially, please email us on or call 020 3397 5140.

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