Live factchecking Michael Gove's BBC Question Time special

16 June 2016 | Amy Hawkins

There is just one week to go until voters decide whether or not the UK should remain in or leave the EU. The campaigns on either side of the debate are rolling out the heavyweights to try and win people over.

Last night, we live factchecked Michael Gove's BBC Question Time special, in which he made the case for leaving the EU. On Sunday, we'll be doing the same for David Cameron, as he argues the case for remaining. Here's what you might have missed.

Economic forecasts about Brexit

The discussion got started with George Osborne's Brexit budget and economic forecasts. We've written about the ten things you need to know  about economic models here, and why the forecasts differ here

EU economic growth

Mr Gove's next claim caught our eye: "The EU has the lowest growth of any continent in the world, apart from Antarctica"

Boris Johnson also made this claim recently. Here's our video factcheck. 

What the IFS said about the cost of leaving the EU

David Dimbleby put a question to Michael Gove about the IFS saying there would be a hole of £30bn a year immediately after Brexit.

Mr Gove responded: "they didn't say there would be a cut like that immediately after Brexit".

Here's what the IFS actually said:

What the IFS said about money for the NHS, if we left the EU

Mr Gove said, "I believe that if we vote to leave we can give the NHS £100m additional every week." Here's our response:

UK economic growth

Mr Gove claimed that "Britain is the world's fifth largest economy". It could also be counted as the world's ninth biggest, depending on which measure you use.

The UK's EU membership fee

The UK's EU membership fee came up. Mr Gove said, "Overall, we hand over to the European Union, every year, £20 billion".

We were prepared for this:

Is Turkey joining the EU?

There was a lot of discussion about whether or not Turkey will be joining the EU. Mr Gove said,"[Turkey joining the EU] is the policy of our government...The government has no intention of using that veto".

We said:

And finally, immigration. Mr Gove said that the UK could introduce an Australian-style points system for immigration.

Immigration and border control

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And that's all from us — see you on Sunday

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