Live factchecking the #ITVEUref debate

13 June 2016 | Amy Hawkins

It was another late night for the Full Fact team yesterday. We were back at the ITV studios to live factcheck the flagship EU referendum debate. Speaking in favour of Remain: Angela Eagle, Amber Rudd, and Nicola Sturgeon. Speaking in favour of Leave: Gisela Stuart, Angela Leadsom, and Boris Johnson. In the studio with the facts and to brief the journalists: Full Fact.

The UK's EU membership fee

Control of borders

EU growth

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UK jobs

Impact of immigration on wages

Brits living in other EU countries

The Australian-style points system for immigration

The government's immigration target

Economists' opinions on Brexit

UK exports to the EU

Workers' rights

The Norway model

Business opinion

What the NHS Chief thinks about Brexit

EU workers in the NHS

The cost of leaving the EU

Does the UK get £10 for every £1 put into the EU?

Deporting EU criminals

UK laws influenced by the EU

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VAT and energy bills

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Cost of regulation

The Council of Ministers

Read more about 'Brussels bureaucrats'

Is Turkey joining the EU?

Read further analysis of the debate from our Senior Researcher CJ McKinney on the ITV live blog.

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