Live factchecking Cameron and Farage #ITVEUref

9 June 2016 | Amy Hawkins

As we edge ever closer to referendum day on June 23rd, figures from both sides of the campaign are eager to answer voters' questions about all things EU-related. And we're eager to give voters the facts. That's why the Full Fact team decamped to ITV's studios on Tuesday, to live factcheck David Cameron and Nigel Farage as they answered questions from a studio audience. It was a late night, but claims can reach people at any hour of the day, and we want to make sure the facts do too.



Nigel Farage on economists and economic models


Nigel Farage on trade


Nigel Farage on immigration


Read our factcheck of Nigel Farage's claim about immigrants and housing here. 

David Cameron on economists' opinions on leaving the EU

David Cameron on migrants and benefits

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 David Cameron on jobs


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And thanks to ITV for hosting us — we were back just a couple of days later to factcheck the #ITVEUref debate. Read the roundup here.

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