Early mornings for EU factchecking

24 May 2016 | Amy Hawkins

As we sip our morning cups of tea, check the day's news, and hear yet more arguing about the EU, the question on most people’s mind is likely to be, simply: how does this affect me? Will I be better off in or out of the EU?

The (not so) simple answer is that it’s pretty much impossible to know. Whether we vote to leave or remain in the EU, we are choosing between two uncertain futures.

That said, there are some areas where we do have (useful) information. How many EU migrants are in the UK, for example, and what kinds of jobs they have.

Figures released last week from the Office of National Statistics showed that a record number of people from the EU, 2.2 million, are working in the UK. LBC radio called us up on Thursday morning to ask us what the effect of this was on British workers. Our senior researcher Joseph O’Leary — our specialist on immigration — spoke to Nick Ferrari on his flagship breakfast show about what the new figures do and don’t show us. You can listen below.

EU immigration is just one of the many topics on which the Leave and Remain campaigns clash. Others include the economy, the membership fee, security, and sovereignty. Our Director Will was up at the crack of dawn yesterday to appear on Good Morning Britain, and talk to Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid about the various campaign clashes. You can watch Will’s section below.

With only four weeks to go until the referendum, voters are being flooded with “facts” from both sides of the debate. But in order to make your mind up, you need to know what the facts can tell you, and what they can’t.

Between now and the referendum we’ll keep putting ourselves forward for interviews and offering help to journalists. We’ll be making our website as easy to use and search as possible, and making sure our factchecks are as shareable as they can be. We want to get the facts out to as many people as possible, so that people can feel confident in their decision on June 23rd.

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