Factchecks are now featured in Google Search

7 April 2017 | Full Fact Team

Google is now featuring factchecks from Full Fact and others in Google Search.

Full Fact articles have been appearing as 'Factcheck' results in Google News since October last year. What’s changed today is the inclusion of factchecking snippets on the the main results page of a standard Google Search, as seen in the example below.

The factchecking snippets link through to Full Fact’s original factchecks which give the sources behind the claims and conclusions.

Other factcheckers who meet the requirements Google have set can also be featured, but Full Fact is the first UK factchecking organisation to be involved. 

Only publishers that are “algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information” qualify for inclusion, according to Google's blog launching the new feature

Publishers of factchecks need to use a ‘Claim Review schema’ to mark up factchecks so that Google can understand what the claims were, who made them, and whether they were accurate.

We are pleased to see this extended to Google Search. This is a great opportunity for factcheckers to get carefully checked information to the people who are looking for it.

It's also a challenge for us to make sure the way that we write claims and conclusions is as useful as possible for people finding them through these searches.


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