A Prime Minister’s words matter—will you stand up for honesty in politics?

23 July 2019 | Will Moy

A Prime Minister’s words matter. We should take them seriously.

As Boris Johnson knows from his time as Foreign Secretary, your words can be twisted by hostile dictatorships, and your misunderstandings can ruin lives. Reliable information matters.

Mr Johnson will be the fourth person to step up to the responsibilities of being Prime Minister since Full Fact started factchecking in 2010. With the backing of our supporters, we have held all of them to the same three principles: get your facts straight, back up what you say with evidence, and correct your mistakes.

But we need you to help us by taking a stand for honesty in politics.

We have factchecked Boris Johnson through the past decade, both as an MP and as Mayor of London. When he has lived up to those principles, we’ve said so. When he hasn’t, we’ve pushed standards bodies to enforce accountability and correct the record.  

The stakes are much higher now. It is just one hundred days until Britain leaves the EU, and the House of Commons is divided. The power is in their hands—but there are plenty of people willing to mislead or distort for a quick political win. 

So we all have a choice: stand up for honesty in politics now, or stand by and watch the consequences of dishonesty.

You can make the difference. As a reader, you’ll know that we aren’t afraid to call out those who mislead the public—whatever their office, whatever their party, however they voted on Brexit.

We can’t do it without the hundreds of people who all believe that in order for democracy to work, honesty matters.

Will you stand up for honesty in politics?

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