30 Mar: the importance of the EU, and your future tax bill

Published: 30th Mar 2015


Today we open our 18 hour-a-day election centre, factchecking the parties, the candidates, the media, and the pressure groups as we near the vote on May 7th.

Despite the parties' efforts, only six out of eleven national papers lead on the election today.

The Conservatives' attack on Labour spending plans is picked up in The Times' splash: "Labour will raise tax bill by £3,000, says Cameron." It notes that the calculations will be "strongly disputed."

The Times doesn't mention that the calculations relate to four tax years, not one, something The Sun does make clear. We're looking into the figures later today.

Labour are running with the importance of EU membership to the UK economy, a topic on which the evidence has been frequently been over-egged. More on that soon…

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