Welsh views on independence

Polls conducted over the last five years clearly show that supporters of Welsh independence are in a minority, but the exact proportion varies depending on how the question is phrased.

Don’t trust this Stoke by-election poll until we know more about it

When you don't have the information to judge if it's reliable, it's not really a poll.

Filibustering in parliament

MPs can take as much debate time as they like so long as they stay on topic.

How many seats could UKIP have under a different voting system?

UKIP got 12.4% of the vote in 2015 but had just one MP elected.

Does the Football Association get £30 million a year in public money?

We’ve looked into claims about how much public money goes to the FA.

Polls didn't show a consistent Labour lead

“We've been working, over the last year, to unite the party, and we were winning electorally and in the polls.” John McDonnell, 15 September 2016 “85 out of 89 polls ...

The £150 million BBC licence fee loophole?

The BBC has said it will make £150 million less in 2016/17 from licence fees than it had expected in 2011, which it attributes to an 'iPlayer loophole'.

The Olympic Games, factchecked

We looked into whether this was Team GB's best Olympics ever, how much funding it gets, and which sports UK athletes have won the most medals in.

Poverty in the UK: a guide to the facts and figures

Relative poverty, absolute poverty and how pensioners, children and the rest of us are faring.

Murray wins a second gold, but he’s not the first

Andy Murray is the first to win two Olympic gold medals in singles tennis, but other men and women have won multiple gold medals.

Does delaying airport expansion cost us £6 million a day?

There are three shortlisted plans to expand airport capacity in the South-East. A cross-party group of MPs have suggested that delaying the decision costs the UK between £2 million and ...

'Unelected' Prime Ministers: common or not?

We’ve taken a look at the past 100 years and found that half of all Prime Ministers came into office ‘unelected’.

Refugees in Lebanon and the UK

Exact figures are hard to come by, but it seems correct to say that there are 10 times as many refugees in Lebanon as in the UK.

Deaths during military training: worse than Iraq?

It's correct that there have been almost as many armed forces deaths on training as in Iraq, although not all could necessarily have been prevented.

"Taxation is legalised extortion": a quote out of context?

A senior tax official says that an old quote of his that taxation is "legalised extortion" should be seen in context. Here's the context.

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