Full Fact Quiz of the Year

So we finally had a year without a major public vote. Regardless, 2018 saw a stack of claims for the Full Fact team to check—some accurate, some not. Here’s a ...

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

David Dimbleby's final Question Time came from the London borough of Southwark. Topics covered included Theresa May, Brexit, and whether comedians should be offensive.

How does the UK feel about women leading the country?

58% of UK adults would be “very comfortable” with a female head of government, and a further 30% would be “fairly comfortable”

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

This week's Question Time was in Bishop's Stortford. The panel discussed the government’s Brexit withdrawal agreement, climate change and the police tactic of knocking suspected criminals off mopeds during a ...

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

Question Time was in Penzance this week and the panel discussed the Brexit withdrawal agreement, the TV debate and young people's mental health.

Parliamentary expenses: is this meme about Theresa May correct?

The figures quoted in the meme are mostly correct, though they date from the late 2000s when Mrs May was an opposition MP.

Are the UK’s armed forces recruiting enough people?

The full-time trained size of the armed forces is around 136,000. That’s 9,000 below the target.

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

Question Time on 8 November came from Dulwich, London. topics covered included whether stop and search could be used to tackle knife crime, if the country could unite around a ...

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

Question Time on 1 November came from Clacton-on-Sea. Topics covered included income tax changes, austerity, early elections, policing priorities, and the impact on Brexit of the investigation into Arron Banks.

Is fracking causing earthquakes?

Fracking is causing lots of micro-earthquakes, most of which are at a level that can’t be felt. In the UK there are thousands of such earthquakes each year.

Are 100 companies causing 71% of carbon emissions?

You might have seen this claim on social media, but what does it actually mean?

Did 670,000 march for a People’s Vote on Brexit?

670,000 is an estimate from the organisers. We can’t say for sure if it’s accurate or not, but it may be on the high side.

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

On the panel this week were deputy chairman of the Conservative Party James Cleverly, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, comedian and TV presenter Nish Kumar, author and former adviser to ...

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinets have been the most diverse ever

45% of Labour’s shadow cabinet are women and 13% are of non-white ethnicities

Are the majority of British Jews Zionists?

A 2015 survey found around 60% of British Jews are Zionists and 90% support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

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