America: seen as the number one threat to world peace, says one survey

A global survey in 2013 found 24% of respondents thought the USA posed the biggest threat to world peace.

How are Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn doing in the polls?

Theresa May is viewed as a better PM than Jeremy Corbyn, and the Conservatives are slightly ahead of Labour in the polls.

What did Labour Party members say about antisemitism?

A poll found 77% of Labour members think media coverage of antisemitism in the party is exaggerated to undermine the party. But 66% also agree antisemitism is a problem for ...

How diverse is the government?

Women, ethnic minorities and people who attended a comprehensive school are all underrepresented within the Cabinet.

Can MPs breastfeed in the House of Commons?

In 2000, it was ruled that breastfeeding was not allowed in the House of Commons Chamber.

What help is available for homeless people sleeping outside in cold weather?

Councils in England can take emergency measures to help rough sleepers during extreme weather.

How many countries allow parents to smack children?

A small group of countries in Europe, including the UK, do not have an outright ban on parents smacking children.

Are fewer parents smacking their children?

Yes, according to the research we’ve seen.

Did the government ignore a vote in parliament on Universal Credit?

Over 40 Conservative MPs spoke in the debate but only one voted.

How old is the average Conservative Party member?

It’s almost impossible to know exactly what the Conservative membership's average age is, but 57 is probably the best guess for now.

How many Nobel Prizes has the UK won?

The UK is second only to the United States on number of prizes won, but the position falls when you take other factors into account.

Muslims in the UK: the viral poster, factchecked

A post is circulating on social media making several claims about Muslims in the UK. Much of it is wrong.

Women at the despatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions

Both the Conservatives and Labour have had three women in total representing their respective parties at Prime Minister’s Questions since 1997 (either as leaders, or as representatives of the leader).

Election 2017: did turnout for young people surge?

Figures that have been circulating on social media aren't all reliable.

Labour party confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

Last summer MPs took a different view to the wider party.

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