BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

On the panel this week were deputy chairman of the Conservative Party James Cleverly, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, comedian and TV presenter Nish Kumar, author and former adviser to ...

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinets have been the most diverse ever

45% of Labour’s shadow cabinet are women and 13% are of non-white ethnicities

Are the majority of British Jews Zionists?

A 2015 survey found around 60% of British Jews are Zionists and 90% support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

Question Time on 20 September 2018 came from the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury. Topics covered included the Chequers deal, rail nationalisation, Islamophobia in the Conservative party, and the point ...

BBC Question Time: Recap and Factcheck

Question Time on September 13, 2018 came from the Oxfordshire town of Banbury. Topics covered included the Salisbury poisoning, Brexit, zero hours contracts, and prisons.

The UK has licensed at least £4.7bn of arms exports to Saudi Arabia since the start of the Yemen War

The UK has licensed at least £4.7 bn of arms exports to Saudi Arabia and £860 m to its coalition partners since the start of the Yemen War.

The Princess and the PCs: What will policing Princess Eugenie’s wedding cost?

Local police will provide security for Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The cost is unconfirmed but reported estimates of £2 million seem in the right ballpark.

Are there plans to build on the Green Belt?

Local authorities plan to build around 460,000 homes on the Green Belt over 15 years. That could cover 0.9% of the Green Belt.

America: seen as the number one threat to world peace, says one survey

A global survey in 2013 found 24% of respondents thought the USA posed the biggest threat to world peace.

How are Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn doing in the polls?

Theresa May is viewed as a better PM than Jeremy Corbyn, and the Conservatives are slightly ahead of Labour in the polls.

What did Labour Party members say about antisemitism?

A poll found 77% of Labour members think media coverage of antisemitism in the party is exaggerated to undermine the party. But 66% also agree antisemitism is a problem for ...

How diverse is the government?

Women, ethnic minorities and people who attended a comprehensive school are all underrepresented within the Cabinet.

Can MPs breastfeed in the House of Commons?

In 2000, it was ruled that breastfeeding was not allowed in the House of Commons Chamber.

What help is available for homeless people sleeping outside in cold weather?

Councils in England can take emergency measures to help rough sleepers during extreme weather.

How many countries allow parents to smack children?

A small group of countries in Europe, including the UK, do not have an outright ban on parents smacking children.

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