Is fracking causing earthquakes?

Fracking is causing lots of micro-earthquakes, most of which are at a level that can’t be felt. In the UK there are thousands of such earthquakes each year.

Are 100 companies causing 71% of carbon emissions?

You might have seen this claim on social media, but what does it actually mean?

Are there plans to build on the Green Belt?

Local authorities plan to build around 460,000 homes on the Green Belt over 15 years. That could cover 0.9% of the Green Belt.

The UK is not on track to meet its carbon emissions targets for the next 15 years

That’s according to a report by the Committee on Climate Change published in June 2018.

What does leaving the EU mean for energy and climate change?

Leaving the EU will have implications for the UK's emissions, renewable energy and air pollution targets, as well as its relationship with the single market for energy.

What does leaving the EU mean for the environment?

We look at what the impact of leaving the EU will be on the environment in the UK.

UK carbon emissions are falling

The drop in UK carbon dioxide emissions was the largest since comparable records began.

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