Anyone can make an Extinction Rebellion sticker

There have been numerous instances of the Extinction Rebellion logo being used to mock the group or distort its message.

EU regulations on dredging did not cause recent flooding

There is no specific EU law on banning dredging, but while some governance does affect it, it does not prevent it.

There wasn’t more polar ice “than ever” in 2015

There was not more ice than ever in 2015—the polar ice caps have been shrinking for decades.

How many birds are chickens?

Around 4-12% of birds are poultry, but if you looked at mass rather than the number of birds, poultry would account for 70%.

There’s not enough evidence to say the net zero emissions target will be missed by 49 years

Jeremy Corbyn said the government won’t reach net zero emissions until 2099 at current rates during PMQs.

Corbyn claim about Boris Johnson’s climate change scepticism needs context

Mr Johnson did not say that climate change in general is a primitive fear without foundation, but has expressed views sceptical of the scale of the human impact on the ...

Boris Johnson gets his numbers muddled on economic growth

While comparing economic growth to carbon emissions, Mr Johnson claimed the economy has grown 73% under this government. It has grown by around 20% since 2010.

Did the Lib Dems quadruple renewable energy?

Renewable energy generation expanded considerably under the Coalition, but some of that was because of projects commissioned under the previous Labour government.

Corbyn incorrectly says UK has worst recycling in the EU

The UK has a fairly average recycling rate for the EU.

SNP manifesto 2019: fact checked

This page will feature all our fact checks on the SNP manifesto for the 2019 general election.

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