Did the Lib Dems quadruple renewable energy?

Renewable energy generation expanded considerably under the Coalition, but some of that was because of projects commissioned under the previous Labour government.

Corbyn incorrectly says UK has worst recycling in the EU

The UK has a fairly average recycling rate for the EU.

SNP manifesto 2019: fact checked

This page will feature all our fact checks on the SNP manifesto for the 2019 general election.

We don’t know if there’s a north/south divide in flood defence spending because the data was taken offline

Figures from the Environment Agency that could have helped shed light seem to have been taken offline.

Does badger culling work?

Research suggests the impact of badger culling is limited.

How energy intensive is a Google search?

It’s really hard to say exactly how energy intensive a Google search is, but a recent Sunday Times article overestimated the figure.

UK greenhouse gas emissions: fast progress but not yet enough to meet future targets

The UK has made fast progress on tackling climate change by cutting carbon emissions, but is set to miss long-term targets.

How many plastic straws do we use?

In recent years estimates have ranged from around 4 billion to 40 billion in the UK or in England alone. All of these figures carry a high degree of uncertainty.

Do Conservative councils recycle more than Labour ones?

The best available data shows that Conservative councils recycle more of their waste than Labour.

Does the government subsidise grouse shooting?

Grouse moorland is eligible for agricultural subsidy, though the sport of grouse shooting isn’t itself subsidised.

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