Crime and the Law


Includes how many crimes are committed, how many are solved, who the victims are and how safe people feel

The police

Includes the number of police, backroom and frontline, arrests, detentions, stop and search and police stations

Courts, convictions and the justice system

Includes how the justice system works, what courts deal with, who runs them and who they convict

Sentencing and cautions

Includes how sentencing works, types of sentence and who gets them, and on the spot cautions

Prisons and probation

Includes the prison population, their characteristics, sentence lengths, how long they actually serve and who’s on probation


People who reoffend in prison, on probation, and what works in reducing reoffending

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol licensing, drug misuse and drug seizures

The riots

What happened to the rioters and how many remain at large