Ordinary face masks are not harmful

There are rare instances involving tight-fitting N95 respirators.

Covid-19 may not be a “high consequence infectious disease”, but it is a real emergency

The new coronavirus can cause many thousands of deaths even though Covid-19 is no longer considered a “high consequence infectious disease”.

The USA doesn’t “allow” maggots in orange juice—it sets levels at which enforcement is mandatory

The US sets levels of natural contaminants in food above which it takes immediate enforcement action. The EU doesn’t set such levels.

Red Bull and Monster don’t contain bull semen

Taurine in Red Bull and Monster doesn’t come from bull semen.

How many cyclists are killed each year?

102 cyclists were killed on the road in Britain in 2016, and they are much more likely to be killed than most other road users.

How many people die in fires?

The number of people dying in fires in 2017/18 was up a quarter on the year before.

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