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16 March 2020

If you’ve seen some advice on how to deal with the new coronavirus that you’re unsure of, or perhaps a news article about the origins of the virus that doesn’t seem quite right—this is your chance to get your questions answered.

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We cannot give specific medical advice

If you have a question about your personal health and you are in the UK, the best place to go remains the NHS. 

If you feel ill, particularly if you have symptoms of the new coronavirus (either a new, continuous cough or a high temperature) use the online 111 service. If you have these symptoms, you should self-isolate in your home, and you should not go to your GP, a pharmacy or a hospital. More information on what you need to do if your condition gets worse can be found from the NHS.

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We can’t promise to answer every question we get, but we’ll publish every answer we write here on our website, so your question can help other people too.

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