EU immigrant workers in the UK: five things we learned

The independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) today released a report about the impacts of EU immigrant workers on the UK economy.

Are junior doctors paid enough to get a UK visa?

In December 2017, a non-EEA junior doctor needed to be earning £55,000 in order to get a visa for the UK.

What skills are we short of in the UK?

There’s no simple definition for a shortage profession, but nurses and chefs are currently listed by experts as needing workers from overseas.

Why do immigrants come to the UK?

This briefing looks at levels of migration to the UK, how the UK compares to other EU countries, and evidence on what factors drive immigration to the UK.

Conservative Manifesto: Immigration and work

We've factchecked claims from Theresa May's speech at the Conservative party manifesto launch.

How immigrants affect jobs and wages

Immigration has a small impact on average wages of existing workers but more significant effects for certain groups.

Are one in nine UK workers migrants?

About one in nine were foreign nationals in 2016. About one in six were born outside the UK.

Foreigners working in the UK

We don’t know how many have been hired, fired or quit—however you define a “foreigner”.

Does a 10% rise in immigration lead to a 2% reduction in wages?

Conclusions from a Bank of England report have been repeatedly misquoted.

New jobs for foreign workers

We don't know how many new jobs go to British or foreign workers, but we've looked at figures for the change in employment and the nationalities and country of birth ...

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