31 Mar: jobs, mental health, and the fallout from unsubstantiated claims yesterday

Published: 31st Mar 2015

The election doesn't make the top ten most read on BBC News or the Telegraph today. The Telegraph's Matt cartoon gets to the point.

It only gets one spot (the number one spot) in the Guardian's most read, on the multiple problems with the Conservative claims on tax yesterday, covered in our factchecks.

We also factchecked Labour's advert on the importance of EU trade for jobs; the Liberal Democrats on the pupil premium; and more.

Today, the Conservatives are planning to talk about jobs. 1.9m more people in work is a record number, and more importantly a record employment rate. The record isn't reached, though, if you take account of how the pension age is changing for women.

We'll be answering questions about how many of those jobs are part time, private sector, and so on. We've also got everything you need to know about zero hours contracts in three minutes.

Labour will be talking about small business, rates and corporation tax.

The Liberal Democrats will talk about mental health. There's a good chance that whatever you've heard about 1 in 4 of us experiencing mental health problems is wrong.



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