No, Celine Dion didn’t wind her car window up while a fan was singing to her

5 March 2020
What was claimed

Celine Dion reacted to a fan singing ‘I Surrender’ to her by winding up her window.

Our verdict

This video is edited. In the original Celine Dion listens to the singer.

A video on twitter claims to show Celine Dion in the backseat of her car listening to a fan sing her 2002 song  ‘I Surrender’ to her through the open window. Ms Dion then winds up her window.

This video has been edited. Perhaps the biggest giveaway that this is fake is not Ms Dion winding up the window, but the glimpse of her apparently sticking her middle finger up through the tinted glass.

In the original unedited video Ms Dion actually tells her driver to stay put so she can listen to the song, and then fist bumps the singer once she’s finished.

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