Video of farmers harvesting next to burning crops isn’t from Ukraine

17 August 2022
What was claimed

A video shows farmers in Ukraine harvesting a field set on fire by Russian shelling.

Our verdict

False. This video was actually filmed in Michigan, USA.

A number of videos shared on Facebook claim to show farmers in Ukraine harvesting a field which has been deliberately set on fire by Russian shelling. 

While it is true that Ukrainian farmers have been targeted in Russian airstrikes during the invasion of the country, which began in February, this video is not from Ukraine. 

In fact the video actually shows a farm in Michigan, USA. 

The video appears to have originally been uploaded to YouTube in July with the title “Wheat Fire” and a caption stating the location as: “Crystal Road and Spencer Rd, Crystal Township, Montcalm County, Michigan”. 

A firefighter for Montcalm County confirmed the location of the fire in an email to USA Today, and the footage also matches up with satellite imagery of the stated location

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