Does the Football Association get £30 million a year in public money?

Published: 30th Sep 2016

In brief


The Football Association gets £30 million a year in public money.


Correct according to the Football Association itself.

“Did you know the taxpayer gives the Football Association £30 million a year?”

Rod Liddle, 29 September 2016

That’s correct, according to the Football Association.

The FA told us that it has received £7.5 million per year from Sport England over the past four years. It also receives £1.5 million a year for the FA Skills programme.

On top of that, the government puts £10 million into the organisation’s Facilities Fund and £8 million into the FA-led Parklife project. Finally, the FA receives £2 million a year for its coaching programmes.

All together, this adds up to about £29 million of government funding per year.

The organisation’s accounts for 2015 also show multi-year grants of £120 million specifically relating to Wembley Stadium.

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