Election update, 1 May: leaders Q&A and election deals

Published: 1st May 2015

A week today people in the UK may be waking up to a new government - or a possibly lengthy process of negotiations in the event of a hung parliament. Unsurprisingly, the televised Q&A with Cameron, Miliband and Clegg last night dominate the headlines.

While the Mail's front page focuses on the people asking the questions last night, Miliband's handling of Labour's economic record has been concentrated on by both the Telegraph and Times. Our explainers on the the debt, the deficit and the economy can give you some background.

In contrast, the Independent, i and Guardian have all led with how Miliband ruled out any sort of deal with the SNP following the election next week. What are the rules and precedents in the event of a hung parliament? We explain here.

Away from last night's interviews, the Mirror covers Conservative welfare cuts, which it says is forcing impoverished schoolkids to be clothed and fed by schools.

The front page of the Financial Times includes stories on Cameron ruling out a cut to child benefits and Balls attempting to reassure the City that Labour knows the importance of banks to the economy.

UKIP stories also abound in the Express, Star and Sun involving keeping the SNP out, the English language and Boris Johnson urging their voters to switch to the Conservatives.

Outside of the realm of politics, the Sun and Express include large front page spreads dedicated to Britain's fattest man and a new treatment for Alzheimer's, respectively.

We're doing a thorough factcheck of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos, which will be out early next week. Sign up to our newsletter to get this hot off the press.



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