Election update, 12 April: death and taxes - not so certain after all?

Published: 12th Apr 2015

The Sunday Express leads with a Conservative pledge to "kill the hated Death Duty", a story also covered by the Telegraph, the Express, the Mail and the Times. Cameron's promise to "take the family home out of inheritance tax" would raise the tax-free inheritance allowance to £500,000 per person — £1 million pounds per couple — where a property is involved.

Meanwhile, the Observer and the Independent lead with a "game-changer", as the Labour party promises to pass laws raising £7.5 billion through fines on tax avoidance. We've looked at the coalition's record on tax avoidance and evasion in the past, and hope to bring you the latest in the near future.

Finally, George Osborne appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning, where he was questioned on how to find £8 billion for the NHS. As our guide to NHS funding points out, even that extra £8 billion may not be enough to meet the predicted shortfall.


NHS pay: what’s the deal?

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