Election update, 13 April: the manifesto launches begin

13th Apr 2015

Today marks the launch of the Labour party manifesto, due to set out their vision for government.

This is the focus of many of the newspaper front pages. The Mirror carries a 'Labour leader exclusive' saying that Ed Miliband will promise today that all policies in the Labour manifesto will be paid for without any extra borrowing.

The manifesto's front page is already out—here's our take. We'll be following further updates on the launch as they come.

Elsewhere, the Times reports on yesterday's speech from the Prime Minister as its lead story, while the Daily Mail leads with plans for a "clampdown on £2bn-a-year health tourists". We've been having a look at the figures on NHS use by overseas visitors and should have more on this soon.

Update — 13 April 2015: We initially said Labour's was the first party manifesto to be released, but it's been pointed out to us that Plaid Cymru had already released theirs.