Election update, 15 April: The Lib Dems and UKIP manifestos launch

Published: 15th Apr 2015

Manifestos from the Liberal Democrats and UKIP are due to be published later this morning. We'll be factchecking the headline claims from both and we'll continue our analysis of the Labour and Conservative manifestos out already.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is set to pledge to protect education spending per people, so we expect to be checking some education claims later on.

The UKIP manifesto is expected to cover immigration policy, EU exit and the party's defence spending (covered in the Daily Telegraph today).

Meanwhile, the Times reports this morning that the President of the European Commission has said that there will be no treaty negotiations on Britain's relationship with the EU until two years after the referendum on membership included in the Conservative's manifesto. We have a factcheck that explains the untested nature of the rules around a country possibly exiting the EU.

The Mail's front page is on housing associations and their response to David Cameron's Right to Buy policy, and the Sun also leads with announcements from the Conservative manifesto launch.

In other news, the British Medical Association has released a widely covered survey of 15,500 GPs which says one in three are considering retirement in the next five years, and is covered on the Guardian's front page.


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