Election update, 18 April: food banks and Coalition planning

Published: 18th Apr 2015

The Independent and the i lead with the claim that one million Britons will soon be using food banks. We hope to bring you more on this later today.

We are also expecting a speech from Ed Miliband on immigration.

The Express claims that Supreme Court judge Lord Neuberger has said veils should be allowed to be worn in the dock.

Finally, the Mail says the mortgage market has reached a 'watershed' moment with HSBC offering a five-year mortgage deal under 2%.

With the party manifestos published, other news has turned to discussions on which parties might join together for a second Coalition government in the event of a hung parliament. The Telegraph leads with Michael Gove ruling out a deal with Ukip, while The Times discusses a possible Labour-SNP deal. The Guardian meanwhile leads with the surprise news that a top adviser to Ed Miliband has called the Conservatives 'panic-stricken'.

The Sun reports that three of its journalists have been cleared of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office, while nine other reporters were told their charges under Operation Elveden had been dropped.



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