Election update, 29 April: tax freezes and when Ed met Russell

Published: 29th Apr 2015

Eight days of campaigning remain before it's crunch time for the political parties when voters head to the polls on 7th May and just two stories dominate the print media today.

The Financial Times, Telegraph and Express all lead with the Conservative announcement that they will freeze income tax and VAT over the next parliament. We've covered issues surrounding tax here.

The other story which dominates front pages today is Ed Miliband's meeting with Russell Brand, gaining prominent coverage in the Guardian, Mail, Sun and Star.

Other political stories on today's front pages include the Times reporting on a prominent Labour MP - who has spoken out against offshore funds - who benefits from a tax haven, while the Mirror's front page includes a story calling the recovery a "sham" as economic growth slows. Take a look at our guide to the economy for the election here.

The i reports on Miliband's intention to launch a personal attack on Cameron today, warning that another five years of the Conservatives will put the country at risk.

Outside of politics, the situation in the U.S. city of Baltimore and the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake dominate the Independent's front page today.



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