Election update, 30 April: undecided voters and London's exodus

Published: 30th Apr 2015

On the election news radar this morning, the Daily Mail's front page says 10 million voters are still undecided. If you're one of those undecided voters, we hope you'll benefit from Full Fact's thorough factcheck of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos, which will be out early next week. Sign up to our newsletter to get this hot off the press.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail also reports that 500,000 more young people will be taken out of income tax following David Cameron's pledge to raise personal allowance if elected. We've given an introduction to taxes and the cost of living in our briefing.

The Independent's front page carries a story on 'London's secret exodus of the poor', reporting that over 50,000 families have been pressured into leaving London in the last three years due to rising costs; the i paper, does the same. Our briefing on living standards gives some background to the issue of wages and costs.

The Times feature a story on the new inquiry into Lord Janner's sex abuse claims. We've written a guide to what the Crown Prosecution Service has said on its decision not to prosecute. Also on the front page is a story on Liberal Democrat party members' 'revolt' over Nick Clegg talking about joining a new coalition with the Conservatives.

The Guardian reports that leaked government documents from 2012 included proposals to cut benefits by £8 billion including. The documents were leaked by the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports on Labour's prospects in Scotland; the Daily Express looks at why we are all living longer, and the Metro focuses on news that £19 million has been raised in donations in response to the Nepal earthquake.





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