Election update, 5 April: housing, polls, and interviews galore

Published: 5th Apr 2015

Housing continues to be in the news today, with the Telegraph leading on an exclusive interview with the Chancellor in which he pledges to "deliver a revolution in home ownership".

George Osborne says that a Conservative government would like to double the number of first-time buyers. We'll be publishing more on this later, alongside our factcheck of Ed Miliband's claims on housing yesterday.

Nicola Sturgeon also maintains her place in the headlines. Her article in the Observer is trailed on the front page. The Scottish First Minister wants to keep David Cameron "out of Downing Street", even if the Conservatives are the largest party in a hung parliament—we've looked into that constitutional issue here.

As ever, election polling is causing a stir in the papers too. The Mail is claiming on its front page that Nigel Farage has covered up a "secret UKIP-commissioned poll" suggesting the UKIP leader faces defeat in South Thanet at the general election. The Times meanwhile says that a new poll puts the Conservatives as the favourite "workers' party".

Both newspapers also carry an interview with a member of the Cameron family, while Ed Miliband has spoken to the Sunday People.


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