Election update, 6 April: pensions, taxes and dentistry

Published: 6th Apr 2015

It's the last day of the Easter long weekend, but in the news, it seems to be a day of things that people usually prefer not to talk about. At least, not while they're on holiday.

First, tax. Today is 'Money-back Monday'—according to the Conservatives. They say that tax and benefit changes coming into effect today mean that 94% of working families will be better off. Labour, on the other hand, say that families are £1,100 worse off because of tax and benefit changes introduced since the election.

The Financial Times has a story about a 'tax trap' that could affect income tax paid by those earning more than £100,000. In the past, we've looked into claims about how much tax is paid by the top 1%, and numbers paying the higher rate of income tax. There are also claims of differences between the coalition partners over tax.

Second, teeth. The Mirror has a story about those repairing their own teeth because they can't afford to pay and don't have access to an NHS dentist. We've looked into a claim about access to NHS dentists previously, but we'll look into the latest figures.

Third, pensions. Today's the first day that pensioners can withdraw from their pension as much as they like. The effects of these rule changes is covered in the Guardian and the Mail.

Finally, bug-resistant-drugs. The Telegraph covers a government report published today warning of the dangers of antibiotic resistance.

Despite these stories, at least we might have some sunshine to look forward to in the week to come.

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