Election update, 7 April: out-of-hours GP access and taxes

Published: 7th Apr 2015

Has access to out-of-hours GPs improved or declined under the Coalition? Labour is saying there are 600 fewer GP surgeries opening across England in the evening and at weekends than at the time of the election, while the Conservatives are saying this doesn't take into account a new GP access fund.

The Telegraph leads with an interview with David Cameron. It says the Conservatives will claim today that the last Labour government increased taxes on earnings in the average household by £1,895 per year in real terms. The Lib Dems are saying that future Labour tax plans will leave people £340 worse off a year.

This comes off the back of Labour claiming yesterday that the Coalition has left families £1,100 a year worse off on average. We discussed yesterday the difficulties with this figure, namely that the average figure doesn't account for "variation across households at different income levels and between different household types", as the Institute for Fiscal Studies pointed out.

The Guardian and the i meanwhile discuss Tony Blair's intervention in the debate on an EU referendum.


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