Election update, 8 April: non-doms, 11-year olds, child benefit claimants, and exit checks

Published: 8th Apr 2015

The FT, TimesIndependent and Guardian lead with Ed Miliband's promise to abolish the non-domicile rule, which currently means some of the UK's wealthiest do not pay UK tax on all their earnings. But will this move raise money for the government?

The Telegraph covers the Conservatives' plan to make youngsters resit their end-of-primary-school SATs exams again in the early years of secondary school. It's claimed that those who fail these exams are much less likely to get good GCSE results.

The i newspaper features the claim that 4 million families could have their child benefits 'axed' under planned Conservative spending cuts. We'll take a look at the accuracy of this figure.

And finally new exit checks will be introduced at UK ports and borders today following the Coalition's pledge to reintroduce them in this parliament. We've got the background to the story and will be keeping an eye on what's being said today.



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