Election update, 9 April: Trident, non-doms and sexual crime

9 April 2015

Defence—specifically, the future of the UK's nuclear weapons—dominates the front pages this morning.

The Conservatives are making a commitment to the Trident submarine programme, while claiming that Labour are prepared to abandon it in return for Scottish National Party support. Various angles of this story are pursued in the GuardianMail, Sun, Times and Telegraph.

The Guardian also makes an eye-catching claim about a rise in child sexual abuse reports, as the Independent leads on a claimed genetic link to sexual crime.

Debate continues on Labour's headline announcement on "non-dom" taxation yesterday. We hope to have some of the facts on this issue analysed and published today.

Looking ahead, we'll explain the relatively obscure Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, which could be an important piece of legislation in a post-election hung Parliament.

Food banks, GP access and migration are also on our agenda.

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