Telegraph changes social media crime article

Published: 3rd Jul 2014

Last week the Telegraph claimed that social media crimes accounted for 'half' of police calls, alongside similar reports by the BBC, Mail and Independent.

The story originally came from the BBC, but was in reference to calls received by front-line police officers who deal with low level crime and anti social behaviour - so a much smaller subset of police officers. The BBC's article didn't initially say this.

We asked the Telegraph to correct their headline. They've now changed their headline, but there's no reference to a correction having been made.

Telegraph headline

The Mail and BBC also changed their articles to reflect the facts but likewise didn't put in any updates to make the changes clear. The Independent on the other hand did better, stating its correction in full.

The Telegraph told us they had not added an 'update' to make the change clear to readers because the link to the original article no longer works. However this link still forwards to the latest version, so readers are still left none the wiser as to what happened.

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