What did Labour Party members say about antisemitism?

13 April 2018
What was claimed

A poll found 77% of Labour Party members think recent calls of antisemitism in the party are to discredit Jeremy Corbyn and discredit criticisms of Israel.

Our verdict

Correct, but 66% think that antisemitism in the Labour Party is a genuine problem.

“The Times/YouGov poll on March 30 found that 77% of Labour Party members think that these calls of anti-Semitism are actually to discredit Jeremy Corbyn and discredit criticisms of Israel.”

Kate Andrews, 12 April 2018

A YouGov poll of Labour Party members late last month found that 77% of respondents agreed reports of antisemitism had been “exaggerated” or “hyped up” to undermine the party, Jeremy Corbyn or criticism of Israel.

However this doesn’t mean that 77% also thought the media reports were unfounded. The question posed to Labour Party members was as follows:So while 77% of members asked, agreed allegations of antisemitism had been exaggerated, when offered these range of options, most of those (47%) also said that antisemitism was a “genuine problem”. Combined with those who agree it was a “serious and genuine” problem, 66% agreed antisemitism is a problem in the Labour Party, to some extent.  

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