No truth to claims no plane parts were found at 9/11 crash sites

16 September 2022
What was claimed

Zero plane parts were found at the 9/11 crash sites.

Our verdict

Authorities have published several photos of plane debris from the crash sites.

A Facebook post shares a series of images of wreckage from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, alongside the words: “Remember that day when 4 planes crashed but zero plane parts were found”.

This simply isn’t true.

The FBI has released multiple images of aircraft debris at the Pentagon crash site, and photo evidence used in the trial of an al-Qaeda member convicted of being involved in planning the attacks shows plane parts including segments of fuselage and a flight data recorder belonging to Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

At Ground Zero, some pieces of plane wreckage were discovered at the site and in the surrounding area, while a piece of wing was found wedged between two buildings more than a decade after the attacks.

Misinformation and conspiracy theories about 9/11 often circulate on social media, and Full Fact has written about a number of examples of this previously.

This post appears to promote a conspiracy theory which claims that no planes were involved in the attacks. While it’s not clear exactly what this particular post is suggesting happened instead, others promoting similar conspiracies have suggested that the attacks were carried out using explosives or missiles

There’s no evidence that this is the case, whereas pictures and videos taken of the attacks show planes flying towards the two World Trade Centre towers and the Pentagon [viewer discretion advised].

Image courtesy of Armelion

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