You shouldn’t rely on a pregnancy test to tell you whether you have testicular cancer

Some people with testicular cancer can get a positive result on a pregnancy test. But it is not a conclusive way of diagnosing yourself, and if you have any symptoms ...

These Mark Field tweets are fake

Tweets claiming Mr Field threatened a girl on the tube and is in favour of beating women and children are fake.

Boris Johnson didn’t say this quote about Scotland – it’s a parody

The “quotes” about the exploitation of Scotland and its resources were from a parody article in the National newspaper.

There is no evidence to say why this veteran is crying

The identity of the man and reason for his tears have been debated, and remain unclear.

Did only 11 MPs turn up to a debate on adolescent mental health?

The screenshot claiming to show this is from an adjournment debate, an end of day session which does not require a decision to be made by parliament.

This sign saying the tube in summer smells like 16-year-old ham is fake

Like many other viral tube signs, this one is a fake.

These food facts are mostly incorrect or misleading

The video suggests that a number of things about foods are harmful but the claims it makes are mostly incorrect or misleading.

Adidas, Nike and Puma use kangaroo leather in some products

All three companies use kangaroo, or k-leather in some of their football boots.

The EU hasn’t said Brexit will collapse the EU budget

The EU didn’t admit its budget will collapse without the UK’s contribution post-Brexit. The EU are in the process of agreeing a budget, without the UK, for 2021-27.

The UK can’t be forced into an “EU Army”

If the UK stays in the EU, it wouldn’t be forced into participating in an EU army. The UK has a veto on military policy.

This is not a photo of women of the Red Cross landing at Normandy

The viral photo is actually of women arriving to support American troops in the south of France in 1945.

Factbombing: methodology

The methodology that we used for our factbombing article.

This video does not show Muslims in Birmingham attacking cars during Ramadan

The video is actually of football fans in Switzerland.

This tweet on public sector pay doesn’t factor in inflation

The figures are pretty much correct in cash terms, but without factoring in inflation they don’t tell us a lot.

These videos of pro- and anti-Trump protests in the UK are from last year

Many videos supposedly showing crowds reacting to President Trump’s state visit are actually from last year.

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