Lemon juice, coconut oil and stopping all sugar intake won’t cure cancer

We’ve seen no scientific evidence to show these alternative therapies can cure cancer.

Evidence shows there is no link between the MMR vaccine and diabetes

A brand of MMR vaccine used in the USA (not in the UK) lists diabetes as an ‘adverse reaction’. But that’s not the same as a side effect caused by ...

There isn’t good data on how much the NHS spends on translators

A claim saying NHS translators cost £100 million over five years is based on incomplete data from almost ten years ago.

This post about MPs is untrue and around 20 years old

The original post made unverified claims about members of the US Congress.

Does Poland’s migration policy explain its lack of terror attacks?

Poland doesn’t have a “no-migrants” policy, but does have very few migrants. Its lack of terror attacks can’t be explained by this alone.

This photo of an elephant carrying a lion cub is an April Fools' joke

The image was a digitally edited April Fools' Joke made by a South African game reserve.

Most of these claims about the EU aren’t true and have nothing to do with the Lisbon Treaty

The UK wouldn’t be losing its currency or the Queen, as the post claims.

What does a “WTO rules” Brexit look like?

This viral post about a “WTO rules” (no deal) Brexit exaggerates our EU payments and the “free trade” opportunities of no deal, but makes other correct claims.

No, water cannon will not be deployed at the pro-Brexit march

The Met Police does not own any water cannon and their use is not currently authorised in England and Wales.

This image on the costs of Brexit is very misleading

It misreports figures which are themselves based on highly uncertain analysis.

This isn’t a real sign at a protest

This protest sign, from a different march in 2011, has been edited.

This video doesn’t show the final moments of the Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed in March

We can tell from the plane’s interior that it’s not the same flight.

This boy in Sweden was killed but the motive is unclear

A viral image does show Arminas Pileckas, a 15 year-old Lithuanian student in Sweden who was stabbed at his school by a 14 year-old boy from Syria in January 2016.

The boots Neil Armstrong wore on the moon do match the footprints he left there

Other images from the moonwalk show both astronauts wearing moon boots that do match the footprint.

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