The estimated number of homeless people in Britain is broadly comparable to the population of Iceland

The calculation includes the number of people living in temporary accommodation, hostels and those sleeping rough.

No, we are not experiencing “global cooling”

18 of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001.

Emmanuel Macron hasn’t said the UK must join the Euro if it wants to remain in the EU

A Facebook post has fabricated a quote from Emmanuel Macron about the conditions for the UK if it wants to remain in the EU.

Middle-EastEnders? No, the BBC isn’t adding Arabic subtitles to its flagship soap

A claim that the BBC will add permanent Arabic subtitles to EastEnders, to help refugees and other migrants settle in, is from a satirical news website and not true.

This video does not show Shamima Begum beheading someone in Syria

The video, from 2015, shows a child, not Shamima Begum, beheading a man in Syria.

You can’t be exempt from council tax if your home is used as a place of worship

There is no council tax discount for people who say a room in their home is used for praying.

The Cancer Act doesn’t ban the researching of cancer cures

It prohibits advertising cures to all but a select group of people.

This image on benefits for pensioners and refugees is not correct

What’s the difference between the benefits pensioners, ‘illegal immigrants’ and refugees can claim?

Viral image about pensioners and refugees is wrong on every single number

People living in Britain as refugees are entitled to the same benefit and pension payments as UK citizens.

This picture doesn’t show a horse found living in a flat in Preston

The picture has been shared over 25,000 times, but was actually taken in Illinois in the USA. It’s not a real horse.

What are the possible side effects of the contraceptive pill Rigevidon?

A Facebook post on people’s experiences with this type of pill has gone viral. But what are the risks in taking it?

Are dogs dying from eating jerky treats?

There is some association between dogs eating jerky treats and developing a kidney disorder called Fanconi Syndrome, but it is not linked to any brand or shop.

Viral video of police officer taking drugs doesn’t feature a real officer

A prank video showing someone in a police uniform taking drugs didn’t feature a real police officer.

Greenwich Council aren’t removing a Lee Rigby memorial

Greenwich council is not planning to remove a memorial stone to Lee Rigby.

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