This picture shows a model of an extinct amphibian

A picture showing a ‘hammerhead salamander’ shows a model of a diplocaulus, an extinct amphibian.

No evidence for how Supreme Court judges voted in EU referendum

Judges have to stay politically impartial, and we have no idea how they voted.

Pretty Little Thing products can contain lead, but probably not dangerous amounts

The State of California requires companies to declare if they use any chemicals from a toxicity list.

This is a real photo of Margaret Thatcher and Menachem Begin

It was taken in 1979 during his visit to the UK as Israel’s prime minister.

Is Luxembourg the biggest beneficiary of the EU?

A Facebook post falsely claims that Luxembourg receives the most EU spending, relative to what it pays in.

The Nazis were not socialists

Despite naming themselves the national socialist party, the Nazi’s policies -including the persecution of left-wing critics - did not align with socialist ideals.

UK citizens can’t be conscripted into an ‘EU army’

If the UK stays in the EU, it wouldn’t be forced into participating in an EU army. The UK has a veto on security and defence policy.

This old photo of rubbish in Hyde Park isn’t from a climate protest

The picture was taken after the event promoting the legalisation of cannabis in April, not the climate protest in September.

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