This is an image of one debate about the NHS Funding Bill

Bills go through many readings and debates which can be attended by varying groups of MPs.

This is not a real photo of a family murder

This image has been doctored.

Claim about the Kray Twins and great train robbers’ prison releases are false

One Kray twin was released on compassionate grounds, and none of the Great Train Robbery convicts served the full 30 years.

No, milk doesn’t make a poison when mixed with cough syrup

You should follow product guidance before giving your child cough syrup.

Iceland has not declared that all religions are mental disorders

A satirical article falsely claims Iceland has declared all religions to be mental disorders.

You should generally wear a protective face mask with the coloured side pointing outwards

Wearing a protective mask the wrong way around can reduce its effectiveness.

Boris Johnson did write that “blue collar” men are likely to be drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless

He wrote this in an article for the Spectator in 1995, on the subject of the “appalling proliferation of single mothers.”

MPs cannot claim £50 for breakfast as viral post claims

They can claim £25 for food bought during the day provided they stay overnight outside of London and their constituency.

MPs salaries have grown faster than starting salaries of nurses, teachers and police officers

Starting salaries for nurses, teachers and police officers have fallen since 2010 when you factor in inflation.

Viral image about patents for viruses is misleading

The patents don’t mean someone invented the virus, and not all of these patents exist.

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