This was a real petition calling for the White Cliffs of Dover to be renamed

The petition on called for “The Black Lives Matter Cliffs of Dover” but it doesn’t seem to be connected to the BLM UK group.

This Facebook post isn’t by tennis player Serena Williams

The post was shared by someone with the same name.

Bill Gates doesn’t own the vaccine for or patent of the Covid-19 virus

A viral Facebook post claims he is a partner in a Wuhan lab, which he isn’t.

Why did few MPs attend a debate on health worker pay?

This was a Petitions Committee debate. These do not lead to any direct decision or vote on changes to law.

South Korean police don’t use purple dye cannons on protesters

Dye in cannons is a widely used but controversial policing tactic around the world.

Facebook post about Italy, coronavirus and 5G is almost all false

The post wrongly claims Italian doctors have found Covid-19 is caused by a bacteria.

Keir Starmer led the CPS when it did not charge Jimmy Savile, but he wasn’t the reviewing lawyer

Keir Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions when it was decided there was insufficient evidence to charge Savile, but he was not the reviewing lawyer on the case.

Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death for most people who die with it

ONS data suggests Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death for 94% of people who die with it.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser cannot catch fire, without a spark, just because it's in a hot car

Hand sanitiser can only ignite at temperatures found in a hot car if there is a spark.

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