A doctor claims his contract was terminated after talking about PPE shortages to the press

Concern that the story was incorrect led to prominent posts on social media being deleted.

A Nobel Prize-winning immunologist has not said coronavirus is manmade, as claimed

Professor Tasuku Honjo said: “I am greatly saddened that my name and that of Kyoto University have been used to spread false accusations and misinformation”.

The Maytrix Group receives no money from Captain Tom’s fundraiser

Captain Tom’s daughter helped set up the fundraiser but the company she’s director of receives no money from it.

This letter about inflammation in children is real but only refers to a handful of cases

So far there have been very few cases, but doctors have been warned to look out for these symptoms in children.

A picture of one boy who died has been mistakenly used to cover stories on the deaths of two other boys

Posts on Facebook suggest a media conspiracy because a picture of a deceased Irish teenager has been used to illustrate the deaths of two other boys.

Some context for the claims that Romanian seasonal workers are taking UK workers’ jobs

Despite optimistic reports, Britain is still in need of skilled farm labour.

It’s incorrect that the money raised by Captain Tom is only going towards the NHS in England

The money will be spent on charities in each of the four UK nations.

No, Jennifer Saunders did not write this statement about PPE shortages

This post about NHS PPE shortages has been falsely attributed to Jennifer Saunders.

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