Surgical masks may offer some protection to the wearer from Covid-19 and may stop them from infecting others

Masks may offer some limited protection to the wearer and are likely to protect others if the wearer is infectious.

You do not have to legally lower your mask for lip-readers

Lowering your mask to assist those who lip-read has been permitted, but is not legally required.

It’s incorrect to say there was no resistance to safety measures around the Blitz

There are multiple examples of people failing to follow Blitz guidance.

It’s not true that 58% of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland were in care homes

A widely shared Facebook post wrongly claims that 58% of Scotland’s coronavirus deaths took place in care homes.

This letter claiming to be from a doctor in Surrey is full of errors

Claims about hospital attendance figures, death certificates, and empty ambulances are all false.

WhatsApp Gold scams are real, but these other threats are made up

Misinformation claiming a malicious WhatsApp video called Dance of the Pope will install software and format your phone has been going viral since at least 2015.

A post incorrectly claims to show Australian warships turning away people trying to enter the country illegally

While Australia does turn back boats, this image does not show that action.

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