The price of Freddos has risen five times faster than inflation

A humorous post compares the rise in price of Freddos to increases in the minimum wage. Both have risen above inflation over the last two decades.

The ranking of most popular baby names depends on how you count them

Grouping together various spellings of the name Muhammad can push it up the rankings, but so can counting Harrys and Henrys as one group.

This post oversimplifies and confuses details about Hitler’s rise to power

We’ve seen no evidence that Hitler referred to the dissolution of parliament as “the will of the people”.

This post about British Steel’s buyout by Turkish fund is mostly accurate

The Turkish military’s pension fund is the preferred buyer of British Steel, based in Scunthorpe which voted to leave the EU.

This picture of Boris Johnson isn’t from this week

The image is from an interview with the BBC in April 2019.

Red Bull and Monster don’t contain bull semen

Taurine in Red Bull and Monster doesn’t come from bull semen.

Dominic Cummings did not say this phrase about genetics and poor people

Boris Johnson’s chief adviser did not write or say this phrase.

Some images of Union Flags burning have been edited

One photo from a recent protest has been edited to falsely show a flag burning.

This picture of Remain supporters burning a Union Flag is fake

The photo was edited to include a burning flag.

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