Sadiq Khan was a solicitor for the Nation of Islam

The politician was a human rights lawyer before he became an MP.

How many emergency patients are waiting over four hours for a bed?

There was more than a sevenfold increase in the number of emergency admissions which took more than four hours between a decision being taken to admit the patient and them ...

We can’t be sure how many migrants registered with GPs in the last decade

There were 6.5 million new GP registrations in England and Wales from 2007 to 2017 where the person’s previous address was abroad. But we can’t be certain about these figures.

The meme you’ve seen about Instagram privacy settings is not true

Several celebrities have reposted the incorrect image, which has no truth to it.

Hundreds of birds were found dead in the Netherlands but it had nothing to do with 5G

Almost 300 starlings were found dead in a park in The Hague but no 5G tests were going on at the time.

This picture of women ‘dressing up like 9/11’ was taken in the UK, not Israel

The students wore the costumes to a nightclub in Chester in 2013.

This advice on how to fight a parking ticket is wrong

If you receive a parking charge notice from a private car park and wish to appeal it, don’t pay it immediately.

It's not correct that 98% of world trade is done via the WTO

98% of global trade is done by members of the WTO, but some of this trade is done via trade agreements, not under WTO terms.

These figures on MP expenses are incorrect

A post falsely claimed that Scottish Conservative MPs spent far more on travel and accommodation expenses than SNP MPs.

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