Claim Brexit is about concealing offshore accounts is baseless

New rules aim to prevent tax avoidance and money laundering but will not force the owners of offshore accounts to “come clean”.

How much do Lib Dem MPs claim in expenses?

A Facebook post gets the expenses claims of Lib Dem MPs roughly right, but their collective expenses claims are around average for all MPs overall.

This picture shows a model of an extinct amphibian

A picture showing a ‘hammerhead salamander’ shows a model of a diplocaulus, an extinct amphibian.

No evidence for how Supreme Court judges voted in EU referendum

Judges have to stay politically impartial, and we have no idea how they voted.

Pretty Little Thing products can contain lead, but probably not dangerous amounts

The State of California requires companies to declare if they use any chemicals from a toxicity list.

This is a real photo of Margaret Thatcher and Menachem Begin

It was taken in 1979 during his visit to the UK as Israel’s prime minister.

Is Luxembourg the biggest beneficiary of the EU?

A Facebook post falsely claims that Luxembourg receives the most EU spending, relative to what it pays in.

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