The Nazis were not socialists

Despite naming themselves the national socialist party, the Nazi’s policies -including the persecution of left-wing critics - did not align with socialist ideals.

UK citizens can’t be conscripted into an ‘EU army’

If the UK stays in the EU, it wouldn’t be forced into participating in an EU army. The UK has a veto on security and defence policy.

This old photo of rubbish in Hyde Park isn’t from a climate protest

The picture was taken after the event promoting the legalisation of cannabis in April, not the climate protest in September.

A photo of Greta Thunberg and Al Gore has been edited to replace him with George Soros

The photo has been edited to put George Soros’ face over Al Gore’s.

Viral post has flawed understanding of EU debt

The EU has prepared a budget for 2021-27 that doesn’t include the UK.

There’s absolutely no evidence the man who confronted Boris Johnson in a hospital was wearing a microphone

It’s extremely unlikely from the sound quality in all the videos we can find that the man was wearing a microphone.

You don’t need to worry about that video claiming to show a snake in a pepper

A viral video claims to show a poisonous snake in a pepper. It doesn’t.

Jo Swinson said the Liberal Democrats supported an EU referendum in 2008

She also said in 2019 that she couldn’t forgive David Cameron for calling a referendum.

Diane Abbott did not say an Iraqi migrant was found off the coast of a landlocked country

The unedited tweet was actually about a body found off the coast of Belgium.

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