Tommy Robinson was not prosecuted for causing distress to men on trial for grooming

Tommy Robinson was found guilty in July 2019 of contempt of court after live-streaming footage of defendants in a trial that had a reporting ban.

Autism prevalence is up but scientists have consistently found that vaccines don’t cause it

More diagnoses of autism disorders are being made but they are not associated with being vaccinated.

Islam in London: factchecking the viral image

This viral image makes claims about sharia law, mosques, no go areas and violence in London.

Labour members did vote to debate Palestine over the NHS and Brexit at the 2018 party Conference

However, trade unions and affiliates voted for Brexit to be debated at the conference.

Flamingo egg yolks are not bright pink

Flamingo egg yolks are usually yellow to red in colour.

This viral image on immigration and homelessness has a fundamental flaw

An estimated 320,000 people are homeless in Great Britain, and that figure includes people who aren’t British.

This footage of the Queen doing the Nazi salute is real

The video was filmed around the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, before the Second World War began.

There’s no easy way to compare benefit and tax fraud.

This graphic comparing benefit fraud and tax fraud is wrong. It’s difficult to compare DWP and HMRC, and most of the numbers quoted are incorrect.

George Soros was not a Nazi SS officer

A Facebook post claiming to show George Soros as a Nazi is false.

Boris Johnson did say this about Gordon Brown becoming Prime Minister without an election

The now Prime Minister said in 2007 that Gordon Brown taking over from Tony Blair was a “scandal”.

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