Some images of Union Flags burning have been edited

One photo from a recent protest has been edited to falsely show a flag burning.

This picture of Remain supporters burning a Union Flag is fake

The photo was edited to include a burning flag.

Muslim knife attacker claim is unfounded and implausible

A claim that 11,000 of 13,000 knife attacks in London were carried out by Muslim immigrants is unfounded and implausible.

Not all of these claims about what MPs can claim in expenses are correct

MPs don’t get a £77 daily lunch allowance or free gym membership.

There’s no evidence that any current vaccines cause cancer

Vaccines go through a number of trial stages to check they don’t have dangerous side effects.

This post about the decision to increase the state pension age needs some context

It correctly reports the pension value of a senior DWP civil servant. But whether he was “responsible” for increasing the state pension age or not depends on how you interpret ...

Drinking water at set times does not provide certain health benefits

While it is a good idea to stay hydrated, drinking water at regimented times of day has no identifiable health benefits.

This viral post about the costs of Brexit gets a lot of things wrong

It misrepresents a number of economic analyses which have been made about Brexit.

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