This advert on the tube was not made by the Conservatives

A picture of the ad went viral on Twitter, but it wasn’t made by the Conservatives.

This is not a video of Palestinians protesting

The video was taken in Israel during protests by Ethiopian-Israelis.

What can MPs claim on expenses?

MPs can claim housing, travel, food, computing and telephone calls on expenses in certain circumstances, as well as other things.

It is unlikely this person got struck by lightning twice in quick succession

Inconsistencies in the video and lack of news coverage cast doubt on this event.

Metropolitan police taking part in London Pride were on duty

The Metropolitan police in the parade were in full uniform with personal protection equipment and radios and so could have dealt with any incidents.

Is the NHS introducing price lists for treatments?

A “price list” for a select range of treatments attracted a lot of headlines. But these are only if the patient doesn’t qualify to have the treatment on the NHS ...

This video of a robbery at knife point did not take place in London

The video is from CCTV footage of a robbery in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Sadiq Khan did not pose for photos with a Sharia zone leaflet

An image of West Midlands police posing with synthetic cannabinoids has been edited.

It’s unclear where these facts about veganism are from

These widely circulated figures about veganism are poorly sourced, but a vegan diet does reduce your consumption of animals and CO2.

Was the new President of the European Commission democratically elected?

We checked a Facebook post which exaggerates the powers of the proposed new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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