A turtle was deformed by a plastic ring in the water

The turtle apparently became trapped in the ring when it was younger and grew around it.

Most of these claims about glyphosate, vaccines and cancer are misleading

Cancer Research UK says there is some evidence people exposed to very high levels of glyphosate could have a slightly increased risk of certain types of cancer.

These are photos of rubbish left after various Glastonbury festivals

Glastonbury festival, like many major events, has a robust cleanup strategy and rubbish policy.

This comparison of pensions in different countries is misleading

A viral image claims UK pensioners get considerably less per week than those in Germany, France and Spain.

Sadiq Khan’s former law firm did consult on the defence of someone convicted in relation to 9/11

Sadiq Khan’s did consult on the defence of a man convicted of conspiring with the 9/11 attackers.

There aren’t human foetal cells in lots of popular snacks and drinks

Clones of foetal cells are sometimes used in flavouring development. But not by most of the companies this video claims.

More context is needed for these “facts about immigration”

We checked these claims about immigration in 2015, and now they’re back and more viral than ever.

Not all these claims about fluoride are accurate

There is no evidence that fluoride consumed at levels allowed by UK legislation has any negative health impacts.

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