Russia has not unleashed 500 lions to stop people going outdoors

This is a fake story that uses a picture of a lion in South Africa from 2016.

This “quote” from the Italian Prime Minister about coronavirus is made up

The picture of the Italian Prime Minister is actually a picture of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Viral posts sharing symptoms and treatments for Covid-19 contain false information

Posts shared thousands of times on Facebook make false – and potentially harmful – claims about the new coronavirus.

List of symptoms and how to prevent the new coronavirus contains inaccuracies

The viral post makes a number of claims about the symptoms of and ways to prevent Covid-19, but not all of them are right.

That picture people are saying shows the army in Clapham Junction is actually of students

A widely shared picture claims to be proof of the military taking to the streets in Clapham.

These claims about the new coronavirus and 5G are unfounded

There is no evidence of a link between the new coronavirus and 5G.

Coronavirus graphics you may have been sent on WhatsApp are not actually from Unicef

The pictures make a number of claims about the virus that causes Covid-19, most of which are unevidenced or false.

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