These trees weren’t cut down because of 5G

The trees in a Serbian town were being felled as part of a regeneration project, and were due to be replaced.

This picture doesn’t show someone wearing a hazmat suit to install 5G

It’s more likely that they’re cleaning the mobile phone tower in a suit to protect their skin and clothes.

There is no EU police force being rolled out in the UK

The photo used as evidence for this claim is actually of Peruvian police.

This FOI about vaccines is real

The DWP confirmed that they had issued the information.

This image does not show Nigel Farage wearing a gollywog badge

The image, which can be found on Wikipedia, has been edited.

There is no evidence to suggest Nigel Farage was a member of the National Front.

A viral photo claims to tie Mr Farage to the party, but it’s almost certainly not him in the photo, and there is no evidence to show an actual connection.

There’s no evidence that this man was attacked because he’s in the armed forces

One man has been sentenced to prison for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Measles is not the “number one side effect” of the MMR vaccine

It’s incorrect to claim that measles and death are side effects of the MMR.

Claims that a no deal Brexit “will cost us nothing” are incorrect

The government has already spent money preparing for it, and it may reduce economic performance in the long term.

There is no evidence to suggest Theresa May said this about lesbianism

The quote first appeared online in 2017, and it remains unclear where it came from.

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