A nearly empty House of Commons may not be a sign that no one cares

The House of Commons was nearly empty at the end of January 15 because this was an adjournment debate.

The UK’s adverts watchdog has banned a misleading advert about 5G

The Advertising Standards Authority banned an advert which made unsubstantiated claims about the health impacts of 5G.

President Obama does not plan to govern Kenya next

Claims this is the case are based on a joke article about Barack Obama wanting to be president of Kenya

Mixing baby oil and iodine won’t remove body hair

This is something of urban myth when it comes to body hair removal.

This is not an official Extinction Rebellion sticker

This has been done by another group who make materials in the style of the climate activists.

Japan does accept a small number of official refugees

Claims that Japan doesn’t take in any refugees are false.

This Boris Johnson quote has been edited and taken out of context

Two sentences from an article written by Mr Johnson in a 2013 article arguing for and against Brexit have been edited together.

This claim that 2,000 people have died waiting for benefits since a Universal Credit review was announced needs context

The estimate is an average based on how many people died between 2013 and 2018 waiting for a decision on their Personal Independence Payment decision.

A Bill to change referendum rules came from one Lord, not the government

It’s not a Bill that has been put forward by the Conservative party or by the government.

Finland is not going to have a four-day working week.

The claim came from an informal proposal made by the Prime Minister when she was Minister of Transport.

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