These tweets are from an Anjem Choudary parody account

Other tweets from that profile indicate it doesn’t belong to the radical preacher.

You are at risk of serious facial injuries if your feet are on the dashboard during a car crash

There have been multiple cases of people suffering severe facial injuries from having their feet on a car dashboard during a crash.

This picture of a sign about refugees has been digitally altered

The original picture was taken in Canada in 2015, but the edited version was shared by Nigel Farage last year.

A picture of a woman voting was taken in Pakistan

The picture isn’t from the 2016 Mayor of London election.

Did Boris Johnson write this quote about Liverpudlians and Hillsborough?

He was editor of the Spectator, where the comments appeared.

You almost certainly won’t get arrested for flying a British flag

A viral post claims flying terrorist flags is legal but flying the British flag isn’t. This is incorrect.

Driving in flip flops isn’t an offence, but driving carelessly is

Driving carelessly could lead to a maximum fine of £5,000, 3-9 points on your licence and the possibility of a driving ban in the most serious cases.

These claims about radical Muslim preachers and Tommy Robinson are mostly incorrect

Anjem Choudary, Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza all received judicial action for their crimes.

Mobile phone base stations like this do not pose a radiation risk

The most powerful antennas have exclusion zones around them, but the mast in this viral post isn’t one of them.

It is generally fine to give your dog small amounts of ice

In most situations, it is fine to give your dogs ice or frozen treats.

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