You do not need to stay home for two weeks after getting the flu vaccine

Most flu injections in the UK are inactive and therefore cannot spread between people.

These 130,000 deaths cannot be explicitly linked to austerity

The think-tank behind the figure says wider policy issues are also important.

That claim you’ve seen about Supreme Court judges getting paid £175,000 by the EU is totally made up

Some work ad hoc for the European Court of Human Rights, but that is separate from the European Union.

Despite reports to the contrary, Clint Eastwood is alive

The actor has a film coming out this autumn.

Don’t trust claims about the change in the number of churches and mosques in London

It’s hard to say exactly how many churches and mosques there are in London.

The Royal British Legion will offer poppies in all UK communities

The charity has confirmed poppies will be offered “in every community in the UK.”

This post incorrectly claims everyone with cancer has a pH that is too acidic

This post makes claims about the relation between the body’s pH and health that have been widely debunked.

EU staff don’t lose their pensions for criticising the EU

And nor would ex-commissioners like Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson.

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