Here’s what the books that “predicted” the Covid-19 coronavirus actually say

We read the books that “predicted” the new coronavirus outbreak so you don’t have to.

Two men did go to prison for throwing bacon at a mosque, while a man was fined for burning poppies

However, it is unclear if Mr Choudhury’s fine came out of his benefits.

Dettol hasn’t tested its products against the new Wuhan coronavirus yet

Coronavirus is a category of viruses that includes the common cold.

It is not illegal to drive with pyjamas on in the UK

The article presented as evidence of the new law in this claim is an April Fool’s joke.

This image on benefits for pensioners and refugees is not correct

What’s the difference between the benefits pensioners, ‘illegal immigrants’ and refugees can claim?

Prisoners don’t have to pay the TV licence whereas from June 2020 most pensioners will

Roughly two thirds of households will lose their free over-75s TV licence after June 2020. Prisoners who have a TV in their cell are exempt from the TV licence fee, ...

The figures in this post give an inaccurate view of Britain

The figures in this post are either out of date or inaccurate in their claims. However, it is unlikely people are taking them seriously.

Driving with an unsecured pet isn’t an offence, but driving carelessly is

It’s not against the law to drive with your pet unsecured, but if the animal distracts you or you have an accident then this could be an offence.

There is no patent for the Wuhan coronavirus

Claims that Jacob Rothschild owns the patent are untrue.

The makers of Dettol did not know about the new Wuhan coronavirus before the rest of us

Coronavirus is a category of viruses which includes the common cold, as well as the new Wuhan coronavirus.

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