Lowering the state pension age for women won't create four million jobs for young people

A post on Facebook incorrectly claims that allowing women born in the 1950s to retire at age 60 would create four million jobs for young people.

Infrared thermometers do not affect the pineal gland

These thermometers do not emit infrared radiation, they measure it.

Viral Facebook post on cost of “binned” test and trace app is wrong

The app hasn’t been binned, although the government did change direction with their original app to use the Google/Apple system.

Viral Facebook post compares the national living wage with the state pension

The post uses an average figure for the poorest pensioners and compares that to the minimum wage for people over 25.

Claims that a 2011 lightning composite picture were taken in the Lake District are false

A photo went viral after a Facebook user claimed it was taken in Calbeck, but they later said that was a joke.

It’s not true that migrants get a free TV licence

A widely shared post on Facebook incorrectly claims migrants who arrive in Britain receive a free TV licence, while pensioners have to pay for one.

You cannot catch Legionnaires’ disease from a mask

Legionnaires’ disease is a bacterial infection caught through water.

Charles Bronson has not attacked Ian Huntley in prison

The men are in two different prisons.

This is not a photo of people seeking asylum in England

The photo was taken in Germany before the coronavirus pandemic.

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