Hydroxychloroquine is not used as a treatment for radiation sickness

There isn’t reliable evidence that the drug cures Covid-19 patients either.

This viral UK Facebook post claiming 31 million job losses probably refers to the USA

A viral post shared by a UK Facebook user claims 31 million people have lost jobs in the last five weeks. This isn’t correct for the UK.

German police cannot vaccinate people by force

A post on Facebook wrongly claims that German police can come into homes and forcibly vaccinate people.

No, Shamima Begum is not back in the UK

There's no evidence to suggest this is true.

We don’t know the true Covid-19 survival rate yet

We don’t have a good idea of how many people have had Covid-19 yet, so don’t know how many have survived it.

These patents are not for the new coronavirus or its vaccine

The patents are for other forms of coronavirus and show no evidence Covid-19 was manufactured.

The 1918 pandemic did have a deadly second wave, but not due to quarantine being lifted

The 1918 outbreak is considered one of the most deadly pandemics in history.

Osama Bin Laden pictures with US politicians are fake

The photos have been doing the rounds online for years.

Police officers around the world have died from Covid-19

This post incorrectly claims that there are no reports of police officers dying from Covid-19.

This photo of Brighton was taken during the coronavirus lockdown

Metadata from the photo showed it was taken when social distancing rules were in place.

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