This letter claiming to be from a doctor in Surrey is full of errors

Claims about hospital attendance figures, death certificates, and empty ambulances are all false.

WhatsApp Gold scams are real, but these other threats are made up

Misinformation claiming a malicious WhatsApp video called Dance of the Pope will install software and format your phone has been going viral since at least 2015.

A post incorrectly claims to show Australian warships turning away people trying to enter the country illegally

While Australia does turn back boats, this image does not show that action.

It’s not true the BBC decided against showing Dame Vera Lynn’s funeral live

Widely shared posts on Facebook wrongly claim the BBC decided not to broadcast Dame Vera Lynn’s funeral live, but did broadcast live the funeral of George Floyd.

Why a Facebook post about an elderly lady looking for her Scottish niece keeps going viral

There’s no reason to doubt the original story is genuine, but people have been reposting it for several months.

Not all Tesco meat is halal

According to the retailer, it sells halal meat in some of its stores.

Mask graphic contains a number of inaccuracies

A post has claimed that Covid-19 can’t be spread person to person. This is the main way the disease spreads.

Police do have legal powers to enforce face covering laws

Some police officers and groups have suggested the new mask rules may be tricky to enforce.

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