Coronavirus graphics you may have been sent on WhatsApp are not actually from Unicef

The pictures make a number of claims about the virus that causes Covid-19, most of which are unevidenced or false.

There’s no evidence that the new coronavirus can survive on packages for 28 days

There’s no evidence that the new coronavirus can survive for long periods on packages from affected areas.

This is not a vaccine for the 2019 coronavirus

There are many different types of coronavirus, and they can affect humans or animals.

Viral post about someone’s uncle’s coronavirus advice is not all it’s cracked up to be

The viral post makes a number of claims about the symptoms of and ways to prevent Covid-19, but not all of them are right.

Labour hospital and acute care PFI contracts in England cost £1.4 billion in 2017/18

Claims on Facebook overestimate the scale of Labour’s hospital PFI contracts.

This little girl has not vanished from your local area

A fake article about a kidnapped girl appears to be an attempt to access a user’s Facebook account.

Most of these claims about Grenfell Tower are wrong

Grenfell Tower was not built by a Labour council.

Pre-cut onions are not dangerous

It is perfectly safe to keep chopped onions in the fridge for up to a week.

EU regulations on dredging did not cause recent flooding

There is no specific EU law on banning dredging, but while some governance does affect it, it does not prevent it.

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