Fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet spreads after the London Bridge attack

A fake tweet falsely claims Jeremy Corbyn said the London Bridge attacker was “murdered by British Police”.

The BBC did not “donate” money to the Conservative party

Appearance fees from the BBC appear in some Conservative politicians declarations, as they do for MPs from other parties. These are not donations.

Councils aren’t using pre-filled postal ballots to suppress the youth vote

Councils say postal ballots are prefilled to prevent people from entering the wrong date.

It is not Labour policy to scrap the single occupant council tax discount

This seems to come from a report that made recommendations to Labour about council tax, but is not party policy.

This supposed Dominic Raab tweet seems to be an old fake

There is no evidence he ever tweeted it and it was widely reported as a fake over a year ago.

Diane Abbott did say that Chairman Mao did more good than harm

This was said during an interview on This Week in 2008.

The Daily Mail front page did not call Boris Johnson a traitor

A fake Daily Mail front page criticising Boris Johnson is circulating online.

It’s true that a Conservative councillor in Croydon is a former member of the IRA

Councillor Maria Gatland was a member of the provisional IRA in the 1970s.

This is a photo from Tony Benn’s funeral

Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Jeremy Corbyn were both attendees of the Labour MP’s funeral in 2014.

The BBC did use old footage of Boris Johnson laying a Remembrance Wreath

Excerpt The footage is from the 2016 Remembrance Sunday service. The BBC says it was a production error.

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