Germany doesn’t “owe” the UK £3.7 trillion of war debt

The £3.7 trillion figure seems to be based on an unsourced claim from an MP about the cost of damage caused during the war.

Pepsi doesn’t use a flavouring made from aborted foetal cells

Pepsi had a contract with a company which develops flavourings using a cell line originally derived from an aborted foetus. But Pepsi says its own flavourings are not developed this ...

This image about vaccine ingredients is extremely misleading

The ingredients it lists are either not present in vaccines, or not in high enough concentrations to do harm unless you already have an allergy to them.

This picture does not show the aftermath of the Extinction Rebellion protests

The litter was left after an event promoting cannabis use on 20 April.

Lemon juice, coconut oil and stopping all sugar intake won’t cure cancer

We’ve seen no scientific evidence to show these alternative therapies can cure cancer.

Evidence shows there is no link between the MMR vaccine and diabetes

A brand of MMR vaccine used in the USA (not in the UK) lists diabetes as an ‘adverse reaction’. But that’s not the same as a side effect caused by ...

There isn’t good data on how much the NHS spends on translators

A claim saying NHS translators cost £100 million over five years is based on incomplete data from almost ten years ago.

This post about MPs is untrue and around 20 years old

The original post made unverified claims about members of the US Congress.

Does Poland’s migration policy explain its lack of terror attacks?

Poland doesn’t have a “no-migrants” policy, but does have very few migrants. Its lack of terror attacks can’t be explained by this alone.

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