This company is based in Shanghai, not Wuhan

Authorities have not yet traced the origin of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The Wuhan coronavirus has nothing to do with 5G

Lots of cities in China have 5G coverage, not just the city at the centre of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The virus in this clinical study is not the coronavirus seen in China in 2019/2020

The study trialled a vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome, a different type of coronavirus.

A mistake did mean a town with a voting population of around 6,400 did have an election where 41,000 votes were counted

The error occurred due to block votes being counted for each individual rather than split between candidates.

A patent for the coronavirus spreading in Wuhan was not applied for in 2015

Coronavirus is not one single virus: it’s a family of them.

These claims about the 2019 Labour conference are incorrect

There is no evidence of these claims happening at the 2019 Labour Conference.

HS2 isn’t expected to cost as much as this post claims

The latest estimates have put the cost of HS2 at around £106 billion, which is lower than has been claimed recently online.

A nearly empty House of Commons may not be a sign that no one cares

The House of Commons was nearly empty at the end of January 15 because this was an adjournment debate.

The UK’s adverts watchdog has banned a misleading advert about 5G

The Advertising Standards Authority banned an advert which made unsubstantiated claims about the health impacts of 5G.

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